JRX is a skin delivery system and specialty biochemistry technology company. We are focused on developing and commercializing our DermX® Megasphere® Delivery System - a novel and patented dermal/transdermal delivery system technology platform that has been independently proven to allow high payloads of large molecular weight molecules to penetrate into and through human skin.

The company's DermX® Megasphere® Delivery System has been proven three times over:

  1. In the Lab in vitro; using Franz Cell testing methodologies,
  2. In the Clinic in vivo; topical anti-aging products tested at several independent skin
        care testing laboratories, and
  3. In the Market millions of dollars of sales of numerous skincare, Over-the-Counter and
        prescription products sold through a multitude of distribution channels.

JRX Biotech believes that by delivering "more, deeper" this translates to a "better, faster" product. Please contact us if you believe the same: info@jrxbiotech.com.