Patented technologies for: Skin & Soil

JRX is a specialty biotech company.  As surface chemistry experts, we have developed innovations for two distinct but similar microbial substrates: human skin and agricultural soil. 

We are also a contract skincare formulation lab.  We have formulated for and out-licensed to global skincare branders that sell through DTC, physician-dispensed and retail channels. 

Skin Cross section

Skin cross-section

soil cross-section

Soil cross-section


Skincare technology:

DermX® Megasphere
Delivery System

Enhanced skin penetration – patented

Skincare technology:

Activated Water®

Enhanced skin hydration – patented

Soil technology:

WA-001: Liquid

Enhanced soil health – patented

DermX® is a topical, passive dermal / transdermal delivery system technology.  It is a mixture of excipients that enhance the volume, depth and speed of delivery of active ingredients into and through the skin.

What’s Different? The ability to passively deliver large volumes of macro molecules into the skin that translates to a consumer-meaningful result. We call it User Impact

Proven: We have conducted 10 clinical studies (n=200) – all at independent labs – to prove both the topical (fine lines, wrinkles, lightening, brightening) and dermal (change in Dermal-Epidermal Junction/DEJ) benefits of our system, in-vivo (p0.05).

Science / Mode of Action: Lipid Coating, Thermodynamics, Plasticization

Intellectual Property: Patents issued and patents pending

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced efficacy
  • Accelerated results
  • China-compliant
  • Enhanced bio-availability (of active ingredients)

Market Validation: Out-licensed to and commercialized by a number of global skincare brands, including physician-dispensed, North America’s leading pharmacy supplier, a large DTC brand, a billion dollar Dermatology company, and an iconic global ultra-prestige retail brand.

Consumer Adoption: DermX® has been sold – collectively – in over 100 million skincare units and can be found in over 50 countries, including China.

More Information: contact us here

HydrO18 Activated Water® is an alternative, topical water for use in skincare and personal care finished formulations.  Extensively tested, it carries 40+ consumer and clinical claims.

Problem: The Deionized (DI) or purified water used in topical skincare is great for the formula but does nothing for the skin. That’s because water is inert, a commodity, a filler ingredient, skin incompatible … and just plain boring.  Water = White Space.

Solution: Activated Water®.  HydrO18 is a skin bio-compatible water, a specialty ingredient and has been clinically proven to both hydrate and moisturize the skin.  Now Water = An Active.

Proven: We have conducted 8 clinical studies (n=87) – all at independent labs – to prove that HydrO18 can hydrate (27-53%) and moisturize the skin (for 8-24 hours), in-vivo (p0.05).  Over 8,000 Corneometer/TEWL readings have been taken.

Science / Mode of Action: Brownian Motion, Colloidal Science, Hydrophilic Fatty Acids

Intellectual Property: Patents issued and patents pending

Features and Benefits:

  • Skin hydration
  • Skin moisture
  • Skin health
  • Wellness water
  • Nature water
  • Clean water
  • China-compliant
  • New story
  • Novel claims

Market Validation: Out-licensed to and commercialized by a billion dollar Contract Manufacturer as well as used by several skincare brands.  2 million total pieces moved.

Consumer Adoption: HydrO18 has been incorporated into several skincare brand formulas and two SKUs are best-sellers selling through spa channels, Dermstore, Nordstrom and Sephora.

More Information: contact us here

Distributor: Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. (NYC) is our global distributor for HydrO18®.  You can contact them direct here:

WA-001, our lead candidate, is a novel pre-biotic liquid that feeds native soil microbes unique food sources to help turfgrass thrive under severe heat stress and extreme drought conditions.

Problem: Drought.  According to official U.S. government resources (see:, “extreme” or “exceptional” drought is expected to persist or proliferate over the next 5 years.

Solution: WA-001.  Our pre-biotic liquid targets / feeds specific bacteria soil species that help turf manage extreme stress, from the ground up.

Proven: We have conducted over 50 field tests – via University and Golf Course trials – to prove that WA-001 can help turfgrass maintain its color, vigor and quality, even under extreme drought / water deficit (50% ETos) conditions.  

Science / Mode of Action: Microbial Activation / Quorum Sensing, Surfactancy, Wetting

Intellectual Property: Patents issued and patents pending

Features and Benefits:

  • Water restriction management
  • Save money
  • Soil health
  • Wetting
  • Mineralization

Market Validation: Out-licensed to a global European agchem company (private label) for use on turfgrass.

Consumer Adoption: WA-001 has been trialed on several working golf / resort courses with compelling results that lead to Superintendent’s asking for pricing, pack sizes and availability (“latent demand”).

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We are a collection of entrepreneurs, industry executives and consultants.

  • Founding team: a track record of starting, financing and building profitable companies based on bringing innovative and patented technologies to market.
  • Board member: former Global President / CEO of Neutrogena, former CEO of philosophy, and then became Executive Chairman of Too Faced Cosmetics before it was sold to Estée Lauder.
  • Skincare consultant: former Vice President of R&D at Guthy-Renker.
  • Advisors: significant experience in passive skin penetration, surface and colloidal chemistry, and raw material science.

Working Together


In-licensing our technologies.

We have compelling test data and issued patents – globally – for all three of our key technologies (DermX®, HydrO18®, WA-001). If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us here

Finished Formulations

Evaluating finished formulations that incorporate our technologies.

We have several in-house clinically proven finished skincare formulations that have incorporated either DermX® or HydrO18®. For example: [1] a skin lightener / age spot reducer + DermX (n=72) and [2] a scar reduction / wound healing formulation + DermX (n=25) have each been clinically tested, in-vivo (p≤0.05).

More information: contact us here

Formulation Lab

Need a custom skincare formulation made? We can help.

Several clients have a custom skincare formula made by our in-house bench chemists without incorporating our technologies. We are open to this and will transfer 100% of the ownership to the client. Note: we have no stock formulas. All formulas are custom-made per the client’s product brief.

More information: contact us here

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